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The reason why we get up every morning is our burning desire to democratize cloud technology for companies, creating tools that empower our customers to grow and deliver better software, faster.

Today, software is everywhere. It’s on our wrists, on our walls, and in our cars. It’s changed the way we shop, the way we work, the way we heal, and the way we stay connected to those we love. Yet we also know there is no future with fewer servers. Software is only getting more complex, evolving faster than humans can keep pace. How can we benefit from future innovation if it takes too long or costs too much to implement and deliver it?

It’s time to fundamentally improve the way we do things so we can change without constraint.

“We believe in making enterprise-grade Cloud potential available to anyone to improve and accelerate technology delivery at scale.”

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Our commitment to democratizing Cloud is backed by Early Game Ventures' ambition to fuel our efforts on a global scale.

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We simplify cloud experiences because we believe in empowering developers, teams and businesses to build what's next.

Alin Dobra


Roxana Ciobanu


Silviu Chiran


Ionut Tocila

VP of Engineering

Alex Golub


Ana Maria Dragu

Community Manager

Adrian Afilipoaie

Automation Engineer

Grig Duta


Miruna Gherasim

Software Engineer

Marinela Staetu

Software Engineer

Mihaela Nistor

Software Engineer

Bogdan Torcescu

Site Reliability Engineer

Alin Saviuc


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There are many different types of applications running on bunnyshell. This includes web apps, mobile, ecommerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications
Bunnyshell currently supports the following languages - PHP, python, java, Node.js. - and is always looking to add more languages.
A load balancer is a networking method that allows the distribution of workloads across multiple servers. At bunnyshell every web server comes with a software load balancer as part of our application stack. These software load balancers will help to evenly distribute web requests in times of high traffic and help to ensure high availability to your web application.

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